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"It is rare in this day and age to find someone in the realty business that you feel you can trust and that has your best interests in mind." - Myly Chu “Ventus 1” by Tridel

Thank you Christy and John for helping us find our dream home as my husband and I begin the next chapter of our lives together.  We bought our house in Feb of 2017 during a time when the house prices kept soaring higher and higher.  We were nervous and worried that the house we wanted would soon become unattainable.  John and Christy did a great job of researching and assessing the market conditions to provide us with recommendations for houses that had great potential and value and at the same time, were suitable for our lifestyle and requirements.  They were very knowledgeable and dedicated to helping us at every step and reminding us of important dates and tasks throughout our intense search, placing offers, closing and providing us with recommendations for lawyer, mortgage specialists, etc.  With them by our side, they made house hunting an enjoyable and stress-free process.


I also appreciated their honesty, strong work ethic and patience in sharing their thoughts on each house that we looked at.  In a short 2 weeks of searching, we found our dream home in a lovely neighborhood and for a great price. Christy's negotiation skills during offer presentation were top-notch, she was able to highlight the strengths of our offer and seal the deal for a very reasonable price.  Christy's experience and skills enabled us to purchase the house we wanted on our first offer saving us time and stress. We were so impressed with them that we later recommended them to my mother-in-law who was also able to make a great purchase with their assistance.  John handled my mother-in-law's purchase and was also very well prepared with research for the offer presentation and negotiation.  As such, the offer presentation went very smoothly and my mother-in-law was able to get her first-choice house easily.  His quick thinking and preparation helped him present the offer favorably and obtain the house for a very reasonable price within that neighborhood.


Janice & Danny

Vaughan, Ontario

Words like honest, showed integrity, dedicated, and caring are not normal words that a person would use to associate with a real estate agent but these are the words that Welkome and I would like to use to describe our real estate agent, Christy. She has been extremely thorough and professional. Christy has provided us with the most updated news & selling price in our neighbourhood, referred us to different expertise to prepare our property for sale, and she is detail and caring to ensure our property is at excellent condition to present to the market. With Christy's professional preparation, our property is sold within 10 days over our asking price. It has been a pleasure working with Christy whose primary interest was selling our beloved home.


Welkome & Veronica

Markham, Ontario

Christy was amazing in selling my assignment condominium “Aura” unit. I had previously tried to sell my unit with three agents for one year, but with no success. In comparison to the three agents, Christy was the least experience in this field (only 3 months old when I met her). But, Christy was the best and most professional! She's very honest, hard working, knowledgeable, detail oriented, and dedicated!


Unlike other agents, she did not make any promises to sell my unit at a high price or my unit will be sold within certain days in the beginning, she instead showed me an up-to-date market analysis in my condominium area. Also, Christy provided me with most updated enquires information and feedbacks from other people to my listing property from time to time, so I could know what exactly was going on. With Christy's knowledge and expertise, my property was sold within 3 months.


It's a pleasure to work with Christy and I will highly recommend Christy to anyone. Thank you Christy!


Ms. Chan


We really appreciate Christy's help for our recent real estate investment.


We were new to real estate investment when we first met Christy last year. Christy is very patient and is a good listener to our needs. She knew from the beginning that we were looking for a long term investment but did not know how and where to start. She advised us to narrow down a particular area which has very reputable school network to explore for investment purpose. Once we agreed on an area of interest, she set up email alerts for all new listings that meet our criteria so that we knew any new MLS listing at the first instance.


Christy attends to all details closely and has always negotiated deals for our best interest.Christy has completed 4 deals for us in the past year and a half:


1. Purchase of our first investment property in Richmond Hill – we bought the house within 4 weeks from the beginning of our house hunting. We were able to avoid a bidding war as Christy convinced the seller that we would be very flexible with terms and conditions.


2. Lease of the investment property – within 3 weeks after the closing of the property purchase mentioned above, Christy found a good tenant for us. When the lease market went downhill this year, Christy advised us to sell the property and the timing of putting the property onto the market.


3. Sale of the investment property – within 1 week after the property was put on market. We were able to achieve a very satisfactory sale price through a bidding war. One of the bidding agents complimented Christy that she worked really hard to ensure all interested clients put in their offers on time.


4. Purchase of a new pre-construction townhouse in North York – we made our purchase within 2 days after we became aware of the property. Christy has provided very valuable input in our decision making.


Naomi Chak CPA, CA

North York, Ontario

Christy was incredible throughout our home buying and selling experience. When she was looking at a potential condo, she warned us about things we might not have noticed otherwise. She was very patient and made sure that we ended up with the condo we wanted. Christy was a pleasure to work with on selling our house. She demonstrated her excellent communication skills and handled all negotiations and situations in a professional matter. Her knowledge and experience were keys to placing us in the best position to sell our house for over asking price. We appreciate everything she did for us and recommend her without any hesitation.



Scarborough, Ontario

I always feel hesitated and nervous when buying an investment property. Prior meeting with Christy, I contacted a few different agents, they couldn't provide enough detail information about the project and the builder. All they were telling me was the incentives that they're offering and very pushy too.


Right from the first enquiry over the phone with Christy, I knew I made a right choice! I could not have chosen a better realtor! Her advice, patience, and professionalism made the process smooth. She looked after my best interest. She made sure I understand every detail about the builder and the pre-construction project and that's what persuade me to finalize my decision to purchase my first investment property with her.


If I purchase or sell again in future, I will hire her again. I would highly recommend Christy as an agent to anyone who is considering to buy or sell.


Hua Tan

“Alter” by Tridel

As a first time home buyer, I'm not a seasoned veteran when it comes to choosing the right real estate agent. I had heard one too many cautious tales from friends and families about bad real estate agents and, as a result, couldn't settle on an agent for the longest time. Then Christy came along and knocked down my preconceptions.


Instead of force-feeding us with a long list of properties on sale in Markham, Christy first patiently listened to the type of house we were looking for, the ideal price range, and the investment plans we had for the house, then frankly informed us the reality of current housing market and what she could do for us. Over the next few weeks, she incrementally introduced the houses that might fulfill our conditions. She helped us narrow down what we truly seek for in the house by diligently adjusting the house list each time we gave her feedbacks. Throughout the house hunt, she frequently provided statistics on the properties sold in the neighbourhood we were interested in, so that we had a sense of the housing market which helped with the timing of our purchase. When we finally made an offer on the house, Christy was there every step of the way. Whether it was advising us on our rights as buyers, or walking us through the legal procedures, or getting an inspection done, Christy was always resourceful and thorough. She negotiated the deal for our best interest, resulting the purchase to feel pleasant and fair.


Our whole family enjoyed working with Christy and would highly recommend her. Thank you and hope to do business with you again.



Last April my boyfriend and I started to find a house for establishing our new family after marriage. We tried to find it by ourselves, but it didn't work because most listing agents required us to have an agent contact them directly. Hence, we decided to contact Christy for help. Christy was a helpful and patient person. She gave us good advices how to choose a house, and provided all information about houses we're interested. Whatever we required or needed, she tried her best to fulfill it. Because of limited budget, it was difficult for us to find a house in the City of Toronto. What we could do was only to find and see properties outside Toronto, so we went to different places — Ajax, Pickering, Newmarket and even Keswick. Despite going far from Toronto, Christy still accompanied with us and continued to assist us in finding a good house. We really appreciated her time, hard-work and patience. After two months (June), we got a house in Pickering. Without Christy's help, we thought that we might not be able to get this house. This was also our first house in our lives. We believed that Christy did a pretty good job in dealing with the listing agent and seller as she helped us present our story to them. Now we are not only happy that we could move into our new house after our wedding, but also satisfied living in this house.


Here we would like to thank Christy for her help and service, as well as highly recommend you to use her service if you are now looking for houses. Hope that you can have a good experience like us.



Pickering, ON


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